Saturday, October 10, 2009

With the aliens disarmed attention shifted for a moment to the Church and Pastor Joan. Very quickly the announcement came " It's a boy". They were expecting a girl but a healthy boy is fine.
Pastor Joan was having trouble in the delivery and the old midwife didn't know what to do. That's when the other midwife showed up. Her name was Rebecca W. Oops. Nobody had ever seen her before but she took control of the situation. She and Herman delivered the baby. After that it was almost like magic as the baby was born with no further problems. Rebecca went to the rest room to clean up and neve came back. Nobody has seen her since. She has become a mystery woman to be talked anout at Nancy's over coffee.
With the birth now over. Tommy turned to the alien leader. You do understand that we could have destroyed you as easily as those weapons. We could have made you our slaves, a fate you might deserve. But we chose not to do that . Instead we send you unarmed back to your home planet. By the time you arrive a group of Guardians will alreay be there. They will have destroyed your stockpiles of weapons. They will have dismantled the factories you make them in. They will destroy any other rocket ships you have.
One of our Guardians will go back with you and destroy these ships when you arrive back. Special instruments will be installed that will alert the Guardians if you test rockets or weapons and regular inspections will take place.
Now get on your ships and leave before we change our mind.
The aien leader, one of the Guardians and the alien soldiers returned to the ships and left.
Will we ever find out how Tommy pulled this off? Who was that strange midwife? How special is this baby? Where did the extra wooly elephant beasts come from? Is Tommy to be reunited with his birth father only to see him leave?
Perhaps some of these questions will be answered tomorrow. One can hope.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Tommy, still smiling. I can see that you really want to see what else we have. He then waved his hand and the door on the Masonic Building opened and out came not one but three men in black.
They came and stood one on each side of Tommy and Herman and one between them,
"I'd like to introduce my father and his two Guardi9an friuends" Tommy said. " Of course Oscar you already know him as you betrayed him a long time ago . Now I am giving you one more chance to surrender. Lay down your arms and we will let you depart unharmed. Of course the Guardians will remove all the weapons from your ships as well."
The Alien leader looked at him with a look of pure hatred then signaled his men to begin laying down their arms. As that went on one of the Guardians transported himself into the rocket ship and began destroying the on board weapons.
When all of the weapons from the ground troops were piled up Tommy's father focused a blue beam on them and they were gone, disintegrated.
As all of this was taking place Herman was summoned to the Church. The baby was coming. What a wonderful day on which to be born.
Where did all of Tommy's troops come from? How did his father and friends arrive ? Will it be a boy or a girl? Shouldn't Oops be there? These and other space taking questions might be answered tomorrow.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tommy turned to the man in black and said " Why don't you go stand with your boss Oscar? You know which side your on."
Oscar walked slowly down the street to stand next to the alien leader.
" Then there are only two of you against all this firepower, three rocket ships, and the unbelievable power of a Guardian so you have no choice but to surrender." The alien leader announced.
Tommy smiled and said " Since you have been so nice as to let us surrender we offer you the same possibility. Lay down all your weapons and we will let you go back on your ships and leave unharmed. Otherwise we will wipe you from the face of the universe."
The alien leader began to laugh. " You do have guts boy" he said." But let us demonstrate our power".
A door opened on the side of one of the ships and a large weapon emerged pointed at the barn. The alien leader gave the command to fire. A blue ray moved from the end of the weapon toward the barn but then turned back and the ship began to glow.
" I'd have them turn them off if you want a ship to fly home in" Tommy said." Now you have felt the power of our poltergeist. It has enveloped all three of your ships and they can't help you."
" That means it can't help you either and we have superior firepower and a Guardian" the leader said.
" Look behind your men " Tommy directed.
There coming down the road was row upon row of woolly elephant like creatures each with a rider with a weapon that looked equal to that of the weapons the aliens had.

" Do you want to surrender now or do we need to bring out our last surprise?" Tommy asked looking toward the Masonic building.
What surprise can Tommy possibly have left? Where did all those troops come from? Will the alien leader surrender?
Tomorrow a few answers or more questions.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

THe war to end all wars began yesterday at 4;00. The bouncing heads information was correct.
Because they were ready when the first people appeared on the street Calab and group moved out wearing and carrying the hats with the giant spider spider webs in them and carrying the blankets covered with the same. They put hats on the some poeople threw blankets over others and moved them into the Church which God promised Herman He would protect. It was a beautiful operation to ewatch and went perfectly.
By the time the first rocket ships arrived the street was clear.
Herman and Tommy stood in the middle of the street in front of the Masonic building. Before the Alien leader landed and without any warning the man in black came and stood between them. Tommy turned to Herman and dais " I told you he would show up."
Then the Alien leader showed up thirty feet away facing them. Behind him row upon row of alien soldiers with horrible looking weapons began to appear.
The aliens were not as ugly as the ones in Tommy's dreams but they had four arms instead of two. So they really didn't look human.
" We do not want to destroy you!" the Leader announced ." We are willing to let you surrender."
" What makes you think you will win ?" Tommy asked.
" Well there are only three of you and despite your power you can't fight us all." The leader responded.
" What makes you think there are three?" Tommy asked
The leader laughed " I hope you don't expect any help from that rag tag bunch you have in the barn. We have a three weapons from the ship aimed at the barn and if the door opens we will vaporize it."
It was Tommy's turn to laugh." No I meant what made you think there were three of us when there are only two."
Has Tommy lost it? Can't he count? What is going on. Is the war lost before it starts ?
It is possible tomorrow might answer a question or two.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tommy UK skipped school today. One of the bouncing heads brought information that their intelligence people are convinced the alien attack will come this afternoon. They are trying to verify that information.
So Tommy is meeting with the group over at Last Lutheran going over the game plan. They are ready with the special blankets and some special hats. They hope to have the street cleared and the people safely in the sanctuary before the first Alien lands.
Given Tommy's nightmares they are discussing how to best use the group in the barn.
The man in black hasn't shown up yet but Tommy is sure that he will. Herman is not so sure.
Also because of Tommy's nghtmares they are discussing the possibility of Herman and Tommy blocking the aliens while the street is cleared if the aliens land before that is completed. Their first priority is to protect as many people as possible.
Herman is also worried aboutr Pastor Joan. He is afraid that just when the battle begins she will go into labor. He has made sure there is a midwife in the church at all times.
Now they have to wait .
Is this it? Is the battle finally going to take place? Will the man in black show up? Can they possibly win?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Poor Tommy knew the battle was lost but didn't want to surrender. If he turned off his power that was the same as surrendering but that's what the voice wanted him to do. He looked at Herman but Herman didn't seem to hear the voice. He knew the voice. It said it could help. He needed help.
Finally he decided to trust it really was Oops.
He turned off the power.
He felt himself being shaken then he was sitting up not on the street but in his bed. His mother was shaking him.
" You had a bad nightmare" she said. " You put out some kind of shield that kept us out of the room as we tried to help you."
Tommy hoped it was only a nightmare and not a vision of things to come otherwise he had seen the end of Pigeon Falls. He couldn't understand how he had projected power without the rock which was in the desk drawer well out of his reach. Another mystery for him to solve later if they lived through this battle.
How many more nights of this before the real thing?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tommy looked to his right and suddenly he could see Oops standing there but she was somewhat transparent.
" Tommy! I cam help you" she said. " I cvan use my power in one of two ways and I'll let you decide. I can wipe out the aliens on the ground and two of the spaceships. The other will go back where it came from . All of mankind will be saved but Pigeon Falls will be gone, forever.
I can push time back to just two hours before the battle started and allow you and Herman to remember everything.
That means you can get the people to safety in the Church as you originally planned. You can warn the man in black to put his shield up. You can use your troops in the barn differently. You can warn the dragons. You might be able to win.
So choose save mankind for sure or save Pigeon Falls and mankind possibly. But either way I can't enter your dimension until you turn the power off.
Tommy was still not sure it was really Oops and if it was what he should do.
Is it really Oops.? Will Tommy opt for the sure saving of mankind if it is. Is Pigeo0n Falls gone forever? Spme of these annoying questions might be answered tomorrow.