Friday, October 9, 2009

Tommy, still smiling. I can see that you really want to see what else we have. He then waved his hand and the door on the Masonic Building opened and out came not one but three men in black.
They came and stood one on each side of Tommy and Herman and one between them,
"I'd like to introduce my father and his two Guardi9an friuends" Tommy said. " Of course Oscar you already know him as you betrayed him a long time ago . Now I am giving you one more chance to surrender. Lay down your arms and we will let you depart unharmed. Of course the Guardians will remove all the weapons from your ships as well."
The Alien leader looked at him with a look of pure hatred then signaled his men to begin laying down their arms. As that went on one of the Guardians transported himself into the rocket ship and began destroying the on board weapons.
When all of the weapons from the ground troops were piled up Tommy's father focused a blue beam on them and they were gone, disintegrated.
As all of this was taking place Herman was summoned to the Church. The baby was coming. What a wonderful day on which to be born.
Where did all of Tommy's troops come from? How did his father and friends arrive ? Will it be a boy or a girl? Shouldn't Oops be there? These and other space taking questions might be answered tomorrow.

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