Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tommy turned to the man in black and said " Why don't you go stand with your boss Oscar? You know which side your on."
Oscar walked slowly down the street to stand next to the alien leader.
" Then there are only two of you against all this firepower, three rocket ships, and the unbelievable power of a Guardian so you have no choice but to surrender." The alien leader announced.
Tommy smiled and said " Since you have been so nice as to let us surrender we offer you the same possibility. Lay down all your weapons and we will let you go back on your ships and leave unharmed. Otherwise we will wipe you from the face of the universe."
The alien leader began to laugh. " You do have guts boy" he said." But let us demonstrate our power".
A door opened on the side of one of the ships and a large weapon emerged pointed at the barn. The alien leader gave the command to fire. A blue ray moved from the end of the weapon toward the barn but then turned back and the ship began to glow.
" I'd have them turn them off if you want a ship to fly home in" Tommy said." Now you have felt the power of our poltergeist. It has enveloped all three of your ships and they can't help you."
" That means it can't help you either and we have superior firepower and a Guardian" the leader said.
" Look behind your men " Tommy directed.
There coming down the road was row upon row of woolly elephant like creatures each with a rider with a weapon that looked equal to that of the weapons the aliens had.

" Do you want to surrender now or do we need to bring out our last surprise?" Tommy asked looking toward the Masonic building.
What surprise can Tommy possibly have left? Where did all those troops come from? Will the alien leader surrender?
Tomorrow a few answers or more questions.

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