Friday, October 2, 2009

It started this morning.
Tommy UK was having breakfast when suddenly his parents left the house and stood in the middle of the road.
He put on his special hat, took his bicycle and pedaled as fast as he could to Last Lutheran. But by the time he got there three space ships were unloading alien soldiers, rank after rank. There was no time to get the people off the streets. All those carefully laid plans for nothing.
Quickly Tommy and Herman stood between the enemy and the people of Pigeon Falls. They would do their best to protect them.
Suddenly the man in black appeared and stood between Herman and Tommy.
"I told you he would show up " Tommy said to Herman.
They studied the aliens in front of them. They looked almost human. Tommy hadn't expected that. There was something odd about their faces but they had two arms, two legs, and looked right. They could pass as a rather ugly human being.
Without warning a purple ray came from one of the rocket ships hitting the man in black and he dissolved into a puddle on the road. Instantly Tommy and Herman acted to shield themselves. When the purple ray hit them it was reflected back to the first row of alien soldiers who then became puddles on the road.
But the next row stepped forward.
The doors of Danelson's big barn opened and out came one of those woolly elephant like creatures ridden by a strange creature with a weapon.
They charged the first row of alien soldiers smashing them to the ground while using the weapon to destroy the second row. But before they could turn and start again the purple ray from the ship hit them and they became a puddle.
Then the next woolly elephant creature with just a bouncing head on top charged out and took out two more rows of aliens before becoming a puddle.
Then the huge spider came throwing out webs. Every alien touched by the web died on the spot. The spider took out four rows of aliens and a few in the rows behind before being puddled.
But still the aliens kept coming from the space ships. Every alien destroyed was replaced by another.
All that was left now was Tommy UK and Herman.
Behind them lay dead and dieing Pigeon Falls residents, hit by the alien attempts to defend themselves.,
Is this the end of Pigeon Falls?
Can Tommy and Herman do nothing?
Is our entire world doomed?
Will the next ugly person you see really be an alien?
Some of these questions might be answered tomorrow in Pigeon Falls.

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  1. Oh no! Brave spider! And Tommy and Herman all that's left?

    I do know a few ugly people that I wonder about...