Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tommy UK skipped school today. One of the bouncing heads brought information that their intelligence people are convinced the alien attack will come this afternoon. They are trying to verify that information.
So Tommy is meeting with the group over at Last Lutheran going over the game plan. They are ready with the special blankets and some special hats. They hope to have the street cleared and the people safely in the sanctuary before the first Alien lands.
Given Tommy's nightmares they are discussing how to best use the group in the barn.
The man in black hasn't shown up yet but Tommy is sure that he will. Herman is not so sure.
Also because of Tommy's nghtmares they are discussing the possibility of Herman and Tommy blocking the aliens while the street is cleared if the aliens land before that is completed. Their first priority is to protect as many people as possible.
Herman is also worried aboutr Pastor Joan. He is afraid that just when the battle begins she will go into labor. He has made sure there is a midwife in the church at all times.
Now they have to wait .
Is this it? Is the battle finally going to take place? Will the man in black show up? Can they possibly win?

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