Thursday, October 1, 2009

None of the group that is waiting for the great battle has been sleeping well. They have had bad dreams and nightmares. They really wish the battle would happen soon.
Herman is worried about Pastor Joan so he had a bed put in the room that used to be the Intern office back when Last Lutheran had an intern. The old desk has been pushed into a corner. The bed has a clean sheets and a comfortable pillow. If Pastor Joan goes into labor at the church there is now somewhere for her to have the baby rather than on a table in the fellowship hall or a desk in her office.
Tommy TW is beginning to wonder if the man in black is coming. He expected him to be here by this time. They would certainly feel better if he was ready to meet the aliens with them.
When will they come? That question is being asked over and over even as they plan in detail what they intend to do.
Today Tommy TW stayed home from school. He persuade his mother to tell the school he was sick with flue like symptoms. He couldn't concentrate in school in any case.

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