Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tommy looked to his right and suddenly he could see Oops standing there but she was somewhat transparent.
" Tommy! I cam help you" she said. " I cvan use my power in one of two ways and I'll let you decide. I can wipe out the aliens on the ground and two of the spaceships. The other will go back where it came from . All of mankind will be saved but Pigeon Falls will be gone, forever.
I can push time back to just two hours before the battle started and allow you and Herman to remember everything.
That means you can get the people to safety in the Church as you originally planned. You can warn the man in black to put his shield up. You can use your troops in the barn differently. You can warn the dragons. You might be able to win.
So choose save mankind for sure or save Pigeon Falls and mankind possibly. But either way I can't enter your dimension until you turn the power off.
Tommy was still not sure it was really Oops and if it was what he should do.
Is it really Oops.? Will Tommy opt for the sure saving of mankind if it is. Is Pigeo0n Falls gone forever? Spme of these annoying questions might be answered tomorrow.

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