Saturday, October 10, 2009

With the aliens disarmed attention shifted for a moment to the Church and Pastor Joan. Very quickly the announcement came " It's a boy". They were expecting a girl but a healthy boy is fine.
Pastor Joan was having trouble in the delivery and the old midwife didn't know what to do. That's when the other midwife showed up. Her name was Rebecca W. Oops. Nobody had ever seen her before but she took control of the situation. She and Herman delivered the baby. After that it was almost like magic as the baby was born with no further problems. Rebecca went to the rest room to clean up and neve came back. Nobody has seen her since. She has become a mystery woman to be talked anout at Nancy's over coffee.
With the birth now over. Tommy turned to the alien leader. You do understand that we could have destroyed you as easily as those weapons. We could have made you our slaves, a fate you might deserve. But we chose not to do that . Instead we send you unarmed back to your home planet. By the time you arrive a group of Guardians will alreay be there. They will have destroyed your stockpiles of weapons. They will have dismantled the factories you make them in. They will destroy any other rocket ships you have.
One of our Guardians will go back with you and destroy these ships when you arrive back. Special instruments will be installed that will alert the Guardians if you test rockets or weapons and regular inspections will take place.
Now get on your ships and leave before we change our mind.
The aien leader, one of the Guardians and the alien soldiers returned to the ships and left.
Will we ever find out how Tommy pulled this off? Who was that strange midwife? How special is this baby? Where did the extra wooly elephant beasts come from? Is Tommy to be reunited with his birth father only to see him leave?
Perhaps some of these questions will be answered tomorrow. One can hope.

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  1. Wow, what a relief---

    Can I hold the baby now? And what's his name?