Wednesday, October 7, 2009

THe war to end all wars began yesterday at 4;00. The bouncing heads information was correct.
Because they were ready when the first people appeared on the street Calab and group moved out wearing and carrying the hats with the giant spider spider webs in them and carrying the blankets covered with the same. They put hats on the some poeople threw blankets over others and moved them into the Church which God promised Herman He would protect. It was a beautiful operation to ewatch and went perfectly.
By the time the first rocket ships arrived the street was clear.
Herman and Tommy stood in the middle of the street in front of the Masonic building. Before the Alien leader landed and without any warning the man in black came and stood between them. Tommy turned to Herman and dais " I told you he would show up."
Then the Alien leader showed up thirty feet away facing them. Behind him row upon row of alien soldiers with horrible looking weapons began to appear.
The aliens were not as ugly as the ones in Tommy's dreams but they had four arms instead of two. So they really didn't look human.
" We do not want to destroy you!" the Leader announced ." We are willing to let you surrender."
" What makes you think you will win ?" Tommy asked.
" Well there are only three of you and despite your power you can't fight us all." The leader responded.
" What makes you think there are three?" Tommy asked
The leader laughed " I hope you don't expect any help from that rag tag bunch you have in the barn. We have a three weapons from the ship aimed at the barn and if the door opens we will vaporize it."
It was Tommy's turn to laugh." No I meant what made you think there were three of us when there are only two."
Has Tommy lost it? Can't he count? What is going on. Is the war lost before it starts ?
It is possible tomorrow might answer a question or two.

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