Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tommy UK looked at Herman and knew they were doomed. They could protect themselves and even destroy a few aliens but around them was nothing but destruction.
The town was now on fire. People lay dead on the streets. The dragons which had tried to take out the space ships had been vaporized. The man in black was gone forever.
It looked like the end of Pigeon Falls and all mankind.
That's when Tommy heard the voice.
It said " Tommy! Release the power."
Tommy had no idea what the voice meant. If he turned off his power the aliens would vaporize him. It must be a trick.
The voice came again. " Tommy! Release the power now! I can help but you must release the power".
Tommy wanted to trust that voice but it made no sense.
He would not surrender. He would not give up.
Again the voice. " Tommy! Stop the power now! Let us in. We can help."
But who are they? How can they help? What should he do?
Is this the end of Pigeon Falls and Tommy?
Is there somebody out there that can help ?
What will Tommy do?
Tomorrow these question may or may not be answered but one can hope.

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