Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Eino called his friend at Homeland Security and told him that there was an indication that Pigeon Falls was going to be attacked by an alien invasion force. His friend just laughed and asked what Eino had been drinking. There will be no help coming from there.
And where in the world is the man in black. Will he arrive in time ?
It looks like our little group is on their own.
Where is that alien force? Why hasn't it come?
As if things weren't complicated enough it is almost time for Pastor Joan to have her baby. The group is trying to get her to go and stay with friends in Iron Mountain until the baby comes but she absolutely refuses to leave them. She says she is Pastor of Last Lutheran which alone can give sanctuary when the battle comes. She has an obligation to be here. Besides if the battle comes and they lose, the entire world will follow and Iron Mountain will not be a place of escape. Herman is afraid she will have the baby in the midst of the battle and they may not be able to get her some help.
She answered that by pointing out several of the women who should be at the church have midwife training. And if everything goes right the Nurse Practicioner may be there as well.

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