Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The Liar’s Club Big Lie Contest started today with Charlie Bosco’s story. Here it is:

I remember when Emelia Thompson moved to Pigeon Falls. I suppose most of you have forgotten Emila . She was the kind of person it is easy to forget. She lived in what is now the Thompson place in the older Rugmeyer house. That house , of course was torn down after the event. All traces of its existence have been removed.
Emila was into the occult. She spent her days reading very old books in very strange languages. She was constantly muttering phrases nobody could understand. When I was a little boy I thought she was the most interesting person in the world. She seemed to like having somebody watch her work on her spells so she tolerated my visits. I saw things you would never believe. She said something in Latin, I think it was Latin, and a big frog turned into a rose. Really a frog turned into a rose. She gave it to me and I gave it to my mother. She never knew she was wearing a frog when she pinned that Rose to her coat. It was so beautiful.
The next time I went she turned a pile of rocks into snakes. Scared me half to death. I hate snakes. She just laughed and said some words and the snakes became a plate of grapes but there was no way I was going to eat even one of them. Wonder if they turned back into snakes in my stomach.
The last time I visited she had drawn this funny shape on the floor and we stood inside of it. She warned me not to step outside the shape and then she said the eeriest words I have ever heard . They weren’t Latin or any language that I could discern but they were words. Suddenly outside the shape this thing began to take shape. It was covered with fire and it had this horrible laugh. She said some more of those strange words and the thing disappeared. She told me to go home.
I decided then never to go back but I watched as the house was slowly covered by a strange fog. Every day the fog got worse and worse until you could barely see the house. Then one day as I was walking by I saw what looked like a fire in the fog and I swear I saw that demon flying round and round. In the morning the house was gone. Emila was gone. The odd thing is there were no ashes, Just a basement where the house had been.
Well the Town Council voted to secretly fill up the basement and pretend none of this ever happened. But I was there and . I have a picture I can show you of the house covered with fog but if you look really close you can see the demon light in the upper window,
Yes , I remember when!

The voting group gave him one 10, eight 9s, and one eight. So his final score was 9. A good beginning for the contest.


  1. Wow....what a lie that is...or is it? Score seems appropriate :)

  2. Scary story. I wish I hadn't read it at bedtime!

  3. Ooooo! Creepy! :) Does a high score mean that it's more likely to be a lie or the truth?

  4. It has to be a LIE to win the contest! But you can make ANYTHING happen in pictures now days! That was a GREAT beginning for the contest!

  5. Great story. Not even sure I'd call it a tall tale.