Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Constable Ican found Stella Olson sitting on her 4 by 4 and smoking a cigar. For a moment he thought he had his robber but then he discovered the wheels on the four by four didn’t match the tracks in the plaster cast and the cigar was the wrong brand. Stella wondered if he could help her get the “infernal machine” running because she couldn’t get it started. In any case he crossed her off the list.
Tommy Tw’s friend arrived yesterday and they invited Tommy UK to come over to Nancy’s house for the experiment with hypnotism today. If everything goes right by tomorrow he will know who his mother is.
Nancy’s house used to belong to her great grandfather the crazy inventor. One feels sure you remember him as the inventor of the self zipping zipper. You close the bottom of the zipper and the zipper zips itself. It only required one C battery . It worked pretty well except you did have to unzip it yourself. It never did catch on but Nancy has a sample of it on display in the invention room alongside the self adjusting suspenders.
Fortunately for Tommy UK the hypnotism will take place in the study not the invention room.
Pastor Joan who is in the sixth month of her pregnancy went for her regular check up yesterday. Everything was fine. It looks like she is going to have one healthy baby. She hopes to work up until the baby is delivered or at least as close to that time as possible. Her husband is rearranging his schedule so he can be home for two weeks before it is due and two weeks after.
Mrs. Henry Impola has offered to baby sit when the baby comes. She is a very active member of Last Lutheran and a widow.

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  1. Awwww... Poor Constable... found a 4x4 AND a cigar all in one place... but Stella wasn't the MAN he was looking for! That's a shame... well - it's GOOD for Stella! He'll get'm though!

    What is Pastor Joan's husband's NAME? I've always been meaning to ask! And what does he DO for a living? Seems like I should know these things... Won't it be LOVELY to have Widow Impola taking care of the little one?! That's great!

    So, tonight is the night for hypnosis, huh? I'm reallllllly curious to see how that goes...