Friday, July 24, 2009

Memories are made of this

Tommy UK stopped into Nancy’s for a cup of coffee and a saffron bun. Nancy told him that her husband, Tommy TW , has a friend coming that might be able to help him with his dream. His friend is a professional hypnotist who specializes in memory retrieval .He has written two books that serve as the guidelines for those who want to learn the procedures.
He will be here sometime next week and if Tommy UK wants she will introduce him and Tommy can share his problem. Under hypnosis he might see the face of his mother clearly. Tommy quickly agreed to try and now hopes this will be the break he has been waiting for.
Mrs. Trumble is having a terrible time trying to find a star to head up the Pigeon Days Parade.
She is now so desperate she is turning to her list of politicians. Even there , heading up the big parade in Pigeon Falls is no political plum. The local people don’t pay much attention to political parties but are more likely to vote Democrat than Republican. A Republican might be willing to come to show the people that the party cares but there are very few important elected Republicans in Upper Michigan. This is particularly true in the year of Obama.


  1. I've always wondered why a *star* is needed to head a parade. Why not a child or two or three? They love parades more than anyone!

    Or - they could have a pic of Michael Jackson leading the parade. He's leading the dance somewhere......

  2. Hmmm I wonder if the hynotist is really going to help. I still think Tommy UK needs to figure this out on his own. I hope they do get someone for the parade. What about the new Sheriff?

  3. I think the milk train conductor ought to lead the parade! He never gets enough recognition!

  4. I didn't realize Tommy UK was that old. I thought he was in middle school or high school.