Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More dreams

Last night Tommy UK was just at the point in the dream where he would see his birth mother’s face when he suddenly woke up.So he began to wonder if he is afraid to see who it is.There is the possibility that He might not like his birth parents as they could be somebody like the Petrovichs. There really isn’t anybody in town that he really wants to be his birth mother. He feels so confused and just a bit frightened..
When he had the newspaper route he used to have cookies and cocoa with Mrs. Trumble and tell her all his troubles. Now she is so busy running the town that she has little time for him. But today he got up early and went down to the Town Hall to tell her his troubles just like the old days. He explained to her that Nancy, Eino, and Pastor Joan have all told him you can’t trust dreams. But Tammy says he will know when it is real. He also told her he is afraid his birth parents might be unlikable.
Mrs. Trumble listened , something she does well. Then she smiled and said “ I’m with Tammy . You will know and if they are at all like you they will be likable."”
As he left he heard her humming to herself.

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  1. In this case, the apple falling close to the tree is a good thing.