Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Hypnotism

Tommy UK was hypnotized yesterday. The hypnotist took him back to when he was a baby and then asked him to look at his mother’s face. Tommy’s arms went out and he said mama. There was a big smile on his face. Then the hypnotist told him he would remember what he saw and counted him back out of the trance. Nancy asked him if he remembered and he smiled.
“I know who my birth mother is “, he said. “ And I know where I heard that tune.”
The hypnotist , however, warned him that the memory under hypnosis is not always accurate. “Sometimes people try so hard to please the hypnotist that they create the memory.” he said.
Tommy UK , however, is convinced he knows who his birth mother is but until he gets her to admit it he isn’t telling anybody. Well he might tell Tammy, Eino, and Mrs. Trumble but that’s it.
Constable Ican has found a 4 wheeler that fits the tire tracks at the robbery. He is fairly convinced he knows who the robber is but now he needs a search warrant. He has to drive all the way to the County Court House to get one. Not having a local judge is so inconvenient when you’d like to close a case. On the other hand the chance of his suspect being tip off that he is coming is much less this way. He doubts that anybody on the county court even knows him. So he will spend all morning getting the warrant and then he and his assistant will spend the afternoon searching the house.
Lucile Smiith gave her Liars’s Club story yesterday. She got an 8.125 , probably not good enough to make the cut if scores from past years are any indication. She claims that the judges she got were just low scoring judges and that her story “ I remember when the soup turned blue” should have been at least a 9.


  1. *sigh*... so he knows... Well, I hope it works out for everyone... I think she'll admit it. Though I don't know... then all the questions about the father will crop up... I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

    I HEARD that blue soup story! No WAY would I have given it even an 8! That Lucile is nuts! Okay... well... at least she WROTE a story...

  2. I would have given blue soup a higher score.

  3. Blue soup does sound a bit far fetched, but since I've actually seen blue soup, I'd have to consider the possibility.

    I'm really beginning to take a shine to this Ican fellow. :)

  4. Well blue soup would have earned at least a 9.125 from me. LOL. So Tommy UK knows who his mom is. I'm very anxious to find out who she is :)

  5. I WILL get caught up with these. I will, I will, I will.