Friday, July 31, 2009

A Plan

Tommy UK told Tammy this morning who he believes his birth mother is. Together they have come up with a plan to get her to admit it. Tammy suggested at first that he should just go and tell her he knows she is his birth mother . She probably would agree and that would be that. But Tommy UK is afraid she would simply deny it. She would tell him you couldn’t trust hypnosis and he would never know for sure. So Tammy reluctantly agreed to go along with his plan.
Before he puts the plan into action he intends to tell Eino and Mrs. Trumble and get their support. He feels that he is almost there. Soon he will know why she put him out for adoption.
He wonders if she didn’t love him, if she hated children, if his father did something to her. He has so many, many questions that only she can answer and he can hardly wait to get the answers.
Petrovich is hard at work on the translation of another driblet. Mrs. Trumble is hoping that whatever horrible thing it predicts will not happen until after Pigeon Days. Her worst nightmare is a parade of demons down the main street on the day of the big Pigeon Falls Day parade.
The ghost tours continue pouring money into the Pigeon Falls economy. It would seem that people who chase ghosts are too rich to be effected by the economic turndown or they are willing to use what little resources they have to be here. The museum ghost concert fills up every day. The great invisible piano player continues to play and the shoes keep dancing. The money generated from the morning concerts is enough to keep the museum open all year round, except for the two weeks in December when the ghost seems to take a Christmas vacation.
Nancy continues to search the internet for a new lower cost source for her saffron. She really does not want to raise the cost of her saffron buns in this economy.


  1. I'm glad the ghost tours are pouring money into Pigeon Falls. Perhaps that will be one town that doesn't go broke. I think Tommy should quit trying to get the approval of these people about his birth mom. He needs to make and do something on his own and just go for it. He can get so many different answers that he will never know what to do. :) Happy Positive Day, 2009

  2. You know -- I kind of like having Pigeon Falls here all in one place. I had a busy last few days and missed a few episodes, but was able to catch them all up at once. That was nice.

    I am glad the Museum is well funded. I hope an exorcist never shows up in Pigeon Falls!

  3. i hope tommy's plan works. The unknown always makes us the most crazy.

    I wonder if I should tell my ghost about the parade.

    Please visit The Chrysalis Stage and Esoteric Uncovered.

  4. I'm sorry - I laughed at the parade being ruined.

    It's truly amazing what people will pay good money for. What are they looking for I wonder?

  5. I sure hope that Tommy UK finds what he's looking for.

  6. Demons that turn into water might make an interesting addition to the parade.