Monday, July 20, 2009

Tommy's Dream

Poor Tommy UK. He keeps having the same dream over and over. He is held by his birth mother. She is rocking him and singing to him but he can’t see her face. He tries but it is as if she wants to hide it. When he caches a glimpse it looks familiar but he doesn’t see her clearly enough to identify her. But there is something about the voice and the sound.
So Tommy went to Pastor Joan this morning and told her how troubling the dream was. She told him to be careful. Dreams are not reality. He might place in a dream somebody he knows like Nancy , his adoptive mother, or even Mrs. Trumble. But that wouldn’t make them his birth mother. The song might be a real memory but the voice could just as easily belong to somebody he sees every day like a school teacher. This was not at all what Tommy wanted to hear. It was not good news.
So he went to see Eino. If he thought Pastor Joan was disappointing Eino was even more so. Eino told him you couldn’t trust dreams at all. They were not rational. They were images created by the mind and it was very doubtful, according to Eino, that they touched on reality at all.
When Tammy found him sitting in the boat house he was almost despondent. She told him to ignore Pastor Joan and Eino. It was his dream and he had to decide if it was real or not. She felt in his heart he would know.

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