Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The new jail is ready. The town hired “Pre-Fab Jails Inc” to build it and it went up in a week. There is an office for the Constable and one for his assistant as well as two cells. It has electronic locks and all kinds of alarms. For all of that it is only intended for housing convicts for a day or two. It will be a place to put an unruly drunk overnight or a real criminal waiting to be transferred to the County Jail.
Constable Ican Gettum says it is the best little jail in the Upper Peninsula and he is very happy with his new offices.
Pastor Joan noted that it is right across the road from Last Lutheran so it will be easy to visit those in jail.
Mayor Trumble has slated a ribbon cutting ceremony for noon tomorrow. It will also be a chance for the sober community to meet the new Constable.

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  1. I could swear I passed the building being hauled on the interstate a few days ago.