Monday, July 27, 2009

Just Another Day

Pigeon Falls only robbery remains unsolved. Constable Ican has been hard at work but the only pieces of evidence he has is the plaster cast of the four wheelers tire prints and a piece of a cigar. Today he is taking the list of four by fours that he got from Eino ,who does most of the maintenance in town, and is going to visit all twelve people on the list. He hopes to get lucky and find one of them smoking a cigar.
Tommy UK is waiting for Tommy TW’s friend to come so he can get hypnotized and perhaps learn who his birth mother was. While he is waiting the song she sings in his dream keeps going through his head. He thinks he has heard that melody somewhere.
All over Pigeon Falls people are digging out their old timer costumes and getting them ready for Old Time Week during Pigeon Falls month. The town will look like it did a century ago.
The Liars Club is getting ready for its local Big Lie contest. The theme this year is “ I remember when“. They already have twenty entries.


  1. Does Tommy have to have parental consent to be hypnotized? I'm not sure this whole scheme is a good idea! Of course, hypnosis might not work. Some people can't be hypnotized. I can't.

    I heard Stella Olson took up cigar smokin' recently! Does SHE have a 4 wheeler?

  2. Hmmm I hope Tommy UK gets the answers he wants being hypnotized. I think dreams are like hypnosis so I wonder if he is going to see anything different. Boy the constable is off and running :)

  3. I gotta agree with you Thom, except that it seems like that with hypnosis, you'd have greater opportunity to direct the action. Rather than suddenly finding yourself being chased by a giant spider. Though in Pigeon Falls, that's been known to happen in broad daylight. :)

    And it seems to me, that I've heard that melody somewhere, too. ;)

  4. It wouldn't surprise me to find Ican get lucky and discover the robber based on his smoking habits.