Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday in Pigeon Falls

Over at Last Lutheran Pastor Joan is working on her sermon for the day: Here is part of that sermon:
People get hungry that’s a fact of life.
There are things that scare us and that’s a fact of life.
Hunger and fear are basic to us as humans. They were basic to the people in Jesus day as well.
There was a time when a crowd came to see Jesus up in the mountains. It numbered over five thousand and they were a long way from town. It was the kind of crowd that CNN loves to pan its cameras over and say things like “ Thousands showed up far from town today to see the Prophet.” But there was no CNN and no television.
The crowd was hungry and the disciples knew they didn’t have enough to feed them so they wanted them sent home.
But Jesus saw their hunger and he fed them.
Now notice Jesus didn’t say “ Sit down and watch me do a food miracle.”
He didn’t even claim that what was about to happen was a miracle.
He just took what was there and fed them.
He cared about them.
The crowd didn’t see him as God they saw him as a constant food source.
They wanted to make the King of the Universe King.
So Jesus left.
Many of those people probably went home not even knowing there was a miracle.
A loving God had met their basic need. They didn't even know it.
Sometime later the disciples were in a boat out on the lake when a storm came up.
It was frightening.
Lots of people drowned in storms like that.
So Jesus went to calm their fears.
He walked on the water.
But this scared them even more. They thought he was a ghost.
The truth is God in Christ loves us enough to want to feed and comfort us.
Sometimes we are afraid that he has forgotten us.
But if we watch we can see Him coming to us in the storms of our life.
He won't fail us.
He loves us.


  1. Pastor Joan's sermon was almost as good as Dr. John's. I wonder if he helped her write her's? How's her pregnancy coming along?

  2. I was thinking Pastor Joan and Dr. John must have shared notes this morning too! I'm wondering what Pastor Paul will say this morning -- or if he will Preach the gospel... sometimes he preaches one of the readings. Usually that happens when I want to make a comparison! LOL!

  3. I enjoyed this one as well :)