Thursday, July 23, 2009

A n Assistant

The new jail has somebody in each cell this morning.
Mrs. Pemberthy brought them a great breakfast and the Constable should be letting them out soon.
Last night Robert Maki, he’s in cell one, broke a chair over the head of somebody who called him a communist for supporting Obama’s health plan. By the time Constable Ican arrived at the Fly Inn he had broken two more chairs. The Constable seemed to have very little trouble subduing him and hauled him down to the jail to sleep it off.
In the other cell was Fred McManis who threw a whiskey bottle though a mirror at the Happy Pigeon. Fred is an ex-Marine and was harder to subdue.
This morning Constable Ican has bruises and pains he didn’t know came with the job. After Robert promised to pay the Fly Inn for the chairs he sent him home.
But Fred was a different story. Ican offered Fred the assistant Constable position on two conditions:
1. He stay sober
2. He pay for the mirror.
The new assistant would be responsible for patrolling the two bars at night. He had the strength and the training for the job.
So Fred is now the new assistant constable.
Tonight Ican will take a long soak and them splash on plenty of lineament.


  1. Hmmm I wonder if Fred is going to stay sober? Let's hope so. Well for his first outing, Ican did a pretty good job I think. Funny how you cannot say anything about what Obama is doing without someone getting offended. My how we forget all the Bush bashing. Oh Thom shut up, keep the politics outta Pigeon Falls LOL

  2. ROFL! I LIKE Ican! That is certainly ONE way to deal with the roughnecks! :)

  3. Thom- Only time will tell about Fred. But Ican will go unbruised for awhile anyway.
    At the Fly Inn they fight over anything.
    Melli- Ican is pretty sharp.

  4. Ican solved two problems there. He's a very smart constable!

    I see that you have the same kind of verifier the dragons do. That means I cannot post my real address here. It also means I have to type my comment, choose my identity, and select that, then I have to push the "post comment button", then I have to type in the alphabet soup, and then I have to push the post comment button, and it's just too dang much work! I think I'll be leaving all my comments at the hub.

  5. I can see it now, Fred having to arrest himself due to Drunk and Dissorderly.