Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pigeon Falls Days Begin

Today's Saying
We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love. ~Author Unknown

Today is the first day of a month of Pigeon Falls celebrations of the beginnings of the town. It started at exactly 9:00 when Vicki East sang the Pigeon Falls Song. If you have never heard or seen it here it is:

When the Pigeons return to Pigeon falls- coo coo coo
And we hear them cooing in the wood-coo coo coo
Then the trains will run on time-coo coo coo
Things will be the way they should-coo coo coo
When the Pigeons return to Pigeon Falls-coo coo coo
And we hear them cooing in the wood-coo coo coo
People will be singing in the streets-coo coo coo
And all the crops will grow so good- coo coo coo
When the pigeons return to Pigeon Falls- coo coo coo
Then love again will fill the land- coo coo coo
With pigeons cooing in the wood- coo coo coo
We will all walk hand in hand.- coo coo coo

This was followed by the Official Proclamation from the Town Council read by Mayor Trumble
. It read as follows.
…..In as much as Pigeon Falls exists because of the good deeds of pigeons;
…..And in as much as it is good to remember how we came to be;
…..And in as much as the good deed happened in the month of August;
Therefore let us;
…...1. Set aside the month of August to be celebrated as Pigeon Days.
…...2. Set August 29 as the day for the annual Pigeon Days parade.
…...3. Be extra considerate of pigeons for the entire month.
…...4. Pick a Pigeon Queen –
…...5. Learn the Pigeon story and be sure to tell it to all the tourists.
…...6. Invite relatives and friends to visit Pigeon Falls during this period.

Then Mayor Trumble read the Pigeon Falls Story
..The Pigeon Story
In the beginning Pigeon Falls was called Potato Grove , since it was the potato crop that sustained the village. It provided both food to eat and food to sell. Farmers from Finland and Sweden had settled here and after moving tons of rocks began growing potatoes. For a few years everything went well. Then without warning a strange new bug appeared. No one knew where it came from but it attacked the potato plants with a vengeance. Pastor Helve Tillinen said it was God’s vengeance because the farmers were such bad givers and didn’t go to church much. He predicted the end of Potato Grove. The Pastor at the Methodist Church , Justin Cooper, said God wasn’t like that but urged people to pray for divine intervention. Just when things were at their darkest a the huge flock of pigeons swooped in and ate all the bugs, every last one of them. The crop was saved and the farmers decided that as a way of thanking the pigeons they would change the town’s name to Pigeon Falls and refrain from eating them. They also decided to raise money for a big pigeon statue to stand at the edge of town as a constant reminder of what the pigeons had done.. And so we continue to celebrate the start of Pigeon Falls.. This is the official story as it is engraved on the Pigeon Statue on main street.

All of this official stuff was followed by the pigeon calling contest. This year there were forty people trying for the $1000 prize.


  1. Coo coo coo cool song. Pigeon Falls has such an interesting history.

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  2. I love the Pigeon Falls song. Coo Coo Coo And I'm so glad I know now how it got it's name. Who would have thought pigeons would ever save the day. I can't wait for the parade :)

    Rabbit, rabbit!

  3. You know, it is really too bad you can't get a sound track of the Pigeon Falls song to put up on the blog. That would really liven up the place!

    And where is everybody, anyway?!

  4. Love as mutual weirdness? I'll have to tell my husband.

  5. It's good to know how this all got started. And, I can't wait to hear who won the Pigeon Calling Contest. :)

  6. I liked hearing about how Pigeon Falls started and got its name. It was very interesting. I also liked the song and the mayor's proclamation list.

    Stephen from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA