Thursday, September 17, 2009

The ARmy

Yesterday Calab's bouncing heads brought him a hat. It contained what looked like giant spider webs . When he put it on the communication between the heads and his mind became much clearer. They assured him the hat would also protect him from the power that caused all the people to stand on the road. Then they told him that a great battle was coming that would begin with Pigeon Falls but if it was lost here the alien force would go on to take over the world. The future of mankind now depended on Pigeon Falls. They revealed other things to Calab as well which he had a hard time believing.
Calab then went to Last Lutheran and shared with Herman what he had discovered. Herman listened but had to wonder if the heads had mislead Calab. According to Calab when the battle came Pigeon Falls had Herman, Calab, three bouncing heads, three woolly elephant type creatures, one giant spider, one alien with a weapon, the dragons, Tommy UK and possibly the poltergeist on their side.
Herman asked " What about the man in black?"

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