Sunday, September 13, 2009

End of Week

It is Saturday and time to look back on the week in Pigeon Falls.
Monday- The bouncing head showed up in Grandma Moose's driveway again while she was hanging up sheets on the line. It spat and she spat back. They both smiled. She isn't afraid of them anymore and she swears that the spit is the best cure for rheumatism in the knees.
Tuesday- The poor DNR Agent has no idea how a woolly elephant like creature can move in the woods without leaving a trail of some kind. But it seems to be doing just that. He knows there is at least one out there . He saw it in the Pigeon Days parade. But Calab isn'yt talking and he can't find a trace. His boss in Lansing wants a picture. He doesn't have one of those either. Soon he may be called in to see the agency psychologist.
Wednesday- Nancy noticed that people were becoming less and less concerned about the latest Petrovich Driblet. People coming in were now more concerned with ghost piano tuning.
Thursday- Herman and Tommy UK met to talk over the driblet. Herman shared his vision with Tommy and Tommy noted that when the event came the Church would be a sanctuary. He wanted to be sure his adoptive parents and Tammy got to the Church.
Friday-Tommy UK tried to use his rock to take him to the man in black but the attempt failed. He needed a vision of where the man was.

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