Friday, September 18, 2009

Calab , with great reluctance, told Herman that the man in black was not a friend and not a Guardian. Instead he was part if the alien force that was coming. He had been sent ahead to do three things.
1. Get rid of the Guardian for this sector. The true man in black.
2. Prevent any other dimension from attacking Pigeon Falls.
3. Prevent any dimension from sending help by sealing off doorways.
The real Guardian he had trapped in a rift between worlds while convincing the Guardian Council he had been destroyed by demons.
The bouncing heads, woolly elephant like things, and the giant spider were part of a group coming to help defend Pigeon Falls not attack it. The man in black got Tommy UK to help seal the opening to prevent that help not save Pigeon Falls.
Herman knew that Calab believed what he was saying but was it true? Or had Calab been mislead by the bouncing heads? How could one tell?
Perhaps the driblet would help.

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