Friday, September 11, 2009

Tune that Piano

So the piano at the moment remains untuned . Mrs. Trumble has no idea how to find a sane person that talks to ghosts." Where?" she wonders , " Would you advertise for such a person." Perhaps one of the ghost groupies that keep coming in to hear the piano player would know. She'll have the museum attendant ask them.
The other possibility, a blind piano tuner , also seems impossible to advertise for. They wouldn't be reading the help wanted adds.
In addition to the piano nonsense, Petrovich's driblet, and the day to day tasks that come with being Mayor of Pigeon Falls Tommy UK is driving her nuts. He keeps asking her if she is sure his father is dead. She was sure but Tommy's constant pushing has begun to raise questions in her mind. Did she accpt the man in black's explanation too quickly. Should she have pushed for more information? Perhaps, the next time he stops by ,and this latest Petrovich thing is almost sure to bring him, she will ask again about the end of Tommy's father.
Tammy , on the other hand, is telling Tommy to accept the fact that his birth father is dead and stop obsessing over it. She thinks he needs to grow up.

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