Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Strange Day

The strangest thing happened in Pigeon Falls yesterday. At 4:00 in the afternoon everybody left their houses or cottages, or places of business and stood for fifteen minutes in the middle of the road. That everybody except the cleaning crew at Last Lutheran and Tommy UK. They are the ones that noted what time it started and how long it lasted.
They just stood there. They looked like statues. they didn't say anything and they didn't do anything. When it was over they returned to what they were doing and nobody remembers even standing on the road.
Tommy UK says that part of him wanted to join his adoptive parents and sister on the road and part of him kept asking why. So he ended up just watching. After it was over his parents were sure they hadn't left the house, as was his sister.
Nancy who was seen from the Church standing on the road swears she never left the coffee shop, but she can't explain how a batch of saffron buns burned .

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