Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Monday night meeting of Mrs. Trumble, Calab, Herman, Pastor Joan, Tammy, and Tommy UK was held. They have decided:
1. To trust the bouncing heads and wear the caps when they are out of the Church.
2. On hiding their rag tag fighting force in Danelson's big barn on the edge of town.
3. To continue to put off deciding about the man in black.
4. To continue to work on ways to protect the people on the street.
5. To meet again Wednesday evening.
After the meeting Tommy TW went to see Eino and asked for the old video disc.s of the trench when it was active. He intends to study them to see if they can help him make a decision about the man in black. Of course, they might show he was wrong about the bouncing heads and really shouldn't trust them. But the rest of the crew is fairly sure they are on the side of Pigeon Falls.
He spent the rest of the night studying the discs

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