Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ghost Piano

Mrs. Trumble and Nancy were joined in their conversation by a lady named Quilly. She is in Pigeon Falls visiting from Hawaii . She said she didn't mean to intrude on their conversation" but what if the ghost whisperer sends the ghost away? Then the shoes will be lonely and they'll probably never dance again."
Neither Mrs. Trumble or Nancy had thought of that. But then that might be the right thing to do. Perhaps, it's time for the piano player and the dancer to go home. They would be missed, of course, but it would be selfish on the part of the town to hang on to them when they could move on.
But then the whole question is academic since they don't know where to find a ghost whisperer.
Quilly also suggested they ask the ghost to call a ghost piano tuner. The problem is they don't know how to talk to the ghost. He plays and he is silent. He pays no attention to them. At the moment he doesn't seem to notice that the piano is out of tune.
It has been over a week since Petrovich posted the driblet and nothing has happened. People are starting to relax. It could be this time the driblet doesn't apply to Pigeon Falls but to some other city of the birds. It is possible the translation is bad or the Seer had a bad vision. One can always hope.


  1. Perhaps they need to get Casper the Friendly ghost over here to talk to the non-paying attention ghost :)

  2. Sometimes when living people don't pay attention we give them a note to read. Perhaps someone could leave a note on the paino and the ghost would read it... and contact a ghost piano tuner.

    Are the leaves FALLING in Pigeon Falls? They are not FALLING in Maryland yet... so it may be that the town's people are just not worried YET because the leaves aren't falling...

  3. Does a ghost whisperer always perform exorcisms? Maybe they can find one that can tune a piano.