Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Piano Tuning sort Of

Mrs. Trumble stopped in to Nancy's for a cup of tea and a saffron bun. She shared with Nancy the problem with tuning a piano half of the parts of which are there but aren't there. Nancy suggested they get a Ghost Whisperer like they have on television to help them. Mrs. Trumble pointed out that it was just a TV show and not real life. In real life there probably are no such things as Ghost Whisperers.
At that Nancy began laughing. We livge in a town that dragons fly over, that has a whale in the lake, where a ghost plays a piano, where bodyless heads roll around and spit and you don't think there can be Ghost Whisperers in real life.
The conversations was interupted by a cup of coffee rising from the table and then smashing to the floor.
" Woops!" Nancy said" And where a poltergeist inhabits a local coffee shop, and a sensative poltegeist at that."
" So how do we find such a person?" Mrs. Trumble asked.
" I'm willing to bet that the governments men in black have a list. You know Eino's friend sent them when our piano playing ghost first showed up." Nancy quickly stated.

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  1. Yeah, you need a blind piano tuner. Unless the blind tuner can't feel the missing parts?