Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pastor Joan

With roughly a month and a half to go Pastor Joan is wishing it was time already. She has tried to keep a full schedule and not let her pregnancy interfere with her ministry but she feels so tired. She looks in the mirror and thinks that she looks like a balloon. She feels the baby kick and she is excited but she is still tired. Her last check up showed that the baby was doing fine. If only it were late October and she could hold him in her arms. But it isn't. She has an appointment later this morning with Herman. She wants him to fill in while she is having the baby and spending some time with it. She is going to have the congregation commission him to do Communion and if the Bishop doesn't like it, TOUGH. She doesn't plan on being gone long and Herman will do well.
She sits back and marvels at how God works. It wasn't too long ago that Herman was one of the town drunks, drunk more than sober. But now he was a spiritual soldier in God's army. One of God's marvelous surprises. How can people keep from believing?
She trys to set all those thoughts aside and get back to working on the sermon for tomorrow.

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