Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Despite the threat hanging over the town life in Pigeon Falls goes on.
Mrs. Trumble has contacted the Piano Tuner in Milwaukee and offered him a hundred dollars over his usual fee if he can tune the museum piano blindfolded. He has agreed to come and try and should arrive on the milk train on Wednesday.
Yesterday ,after Church, Herman, Calab, Tammy, Tommy UK, and Mrs. Trumble met in the fellowship hall of Last Lutheran. They went over the driblet together and then they brainstormed.
A real argument broke out over the man in black. Tommy UK wanted to trust him but Mrs. Trumble was now having some doubts. Calab really trusts the bouncing head and if they say the man in black is not what he claims to be he believes them.
They went on to discuss how to get the people off the street and into the Sanctuary of the church. The aliens have to know that they will be reluctant to fight them if the fight could result in the destruction of all the people on the street.
They agreeded to meet again Monday night after school.

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