Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Piano

The Piano Tuner came from Iron Mountain this morning. He got to listen to but not see the morning concert. He told Mrs Pirtilampi , who was the volunteer in charge, that the piano was only slightly out of tune. He didn't think he would have any trouble tuning it. He really did want to meet that fantastic piano player.
Mrs. Pirtilampi understanding that he didn't know the piano player was a ghost simply told him that it wasn't possible because the player had to rush off to another engagement.
The piano tuner opened the piano and looked confused. " Are you sure this is the piano that was played this morning?" , he asked " Because I don't see how that was possible as half the pieces are missing." He sat down at the piano and playe a song. It was just slightly out of tune. "That's impossible", he said" It plays things that aren't there. I can't tune things I can't see ". He picked up his tools , closed up his case and left.
Mrs. Pirtilampi called Eino and he called Mrs. Trumble. She thought they either needed a blind piano tuner or a ghost that tunes pianos and she didn't have the slightest idea where to find either one.

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