Friday, September 4, 2009

The piano that the ghost plays every morning needs tuning. It has slowly gone out of tune. Old Ilmari Noronen who tunes most of the pianos in Pigeon Falls won't touch it. He says it is too fancy and he doesn't have the right tools but rumor has it he is afraid of ghosts.
Mrs. Trumble has a piano tuner coming from Iron Mountain. It's going to cost $100 but he assured her he has the right tools and will have no trouble in the tuning. She didn't mention the ghosts. She did arrange for him to come in the afternoon when the ghost is quiet and the shoes just sit there.
The ghost groupies don't seem to care that the piano is out of tune but the museum volunteers have and it bothers them. They worry that it will keep getting worse until the piano simply can't be played then they will lose a large source of musuem income. It's always about the money.


  1. Hmmm let's hope the tuner from Iron Mountain isn't afraid of Ghosts. Is it a relative of Casper by chance?

  2. I'm thinking the tuner might be in for a big surprise......I'll wait and see though.

  3. It won't hurt anything to have the piano tuned, regardless of the motive.