Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fear and the Driblet

The newest Petrovich Driblet translation has everybody upset.
Rumors as to what it means abound.
Nancy gets a new rumor almost with every cup of coffee.
Some believe there will be an air borne plague. Only the " others" whoever they are will be immune and can provide an antidote.
Some think aliens from outer space will come and the town will need the usual super heroes to save it. They are the " others".
Some believe the problem will come from the bouncing heads and the big woolly elephants. Only the man in black and those like him " the others" can save them.
Mrs. Trumble has made copies of the translation and is giving them to anybody who wants them. She thinks that the more people working on the problem in advance the better.
Tommy UK hasn't seen the driblet yet. He has been staying in his room except for meals. He is trying to work through the fact that his birth father is dead. He had really hoped it was the man in black. He wanted it to be the man in black. But now he knows, but doesn't want to accept , the fact that his birth father is dead. Perhaps, it was better not knowing.
Herman, has been in prayer since he read the driblet. He is asking that the Holy Spirit would fill and protect him so he could join the " others" .

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