Saturday, September 12, 2009


Since Petrovich posted his latest driblet Herman has been setting aside time every day to pray for Pigeon Falls and Last Lutheran. He is praying that God would protect Last Lutheran from whatever is coming. He is praying that God would protect Pastor Joan and her unborn baby. He is praying for power to fight the evil.
In the midst of such a prayer he had a vision. A black shadow fell over Pigeon Falls but Last Lutheran put out a light of its own. People in the Church could not be touched by the shadow.
Herman shared his vision with Pastor Joan who was doing her own praying. She believed Herman had a real vision.
She knew most of her fellow pastors and her Bishop would think she was crazy but they hadn't lived in Pigeon Falls. Pigeon Falls changes your perspective on things.
She told her husband that at the first sign that something was happening she was going to the Church and would stay there until it was over. Her husband knew better than to argue with her.
Mrs. Trumble continued to look for some way to tune the piano. She read all the adds by piano tuners in the Milwaukee paper and one add jumped out at her. It said:
" So good we can tune a piano blindfolded".

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