Thursday, September 3, 2009

Life Goes On

Chief Ican stopped by Mrs. Trumble's office to ask about the driblet. He thought the entire thing was crazy and couldn't understand how the entire town seemed scared by it.
Mrs. Trumble explained how previous driblets had proved to be sort of true or at least true enough to convince people not to disregard them.
Chief Ican said that it was like trying to solve a crime that hadn't been committed yet. Where do you start.
Mrs. Trumble suggested he go down to Nancy's and just listen to the rumors.
So all morning Chief Ican has been having coffee with Nancy and has discovered he has lots to pick from.
From the moment Pastor Joan read the driblet the word Oops kept popping into her mind but she had no idea as to why. " What in this world or out of this world is an Oops?" she thought. She was sure it was not a biblical reference. But it had to have some kind of meaning.
Poor Tommy UK was now wondering if his birth father was still alive. He was sure Mrs. Trumble hadn't lied but the man in black might have lied to her. But why would he do that? Why did he want her to think Tommy's father was dead? Tommy was basing his hope on the feeling that the man that got them out of the other dimension was his father. Being with him had felt different than when he worked with the man in black the other times.
Tammy told him it was his imagination. Things were different because they didn't think they would ever get back and were under a lot of stress.

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