Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It iis a quiet Monday morning in Pigeon Falls. Tommy UK and Tammy are getting ready to go to school but both think they should stay home. The alien attack could come at any time. Wonder if it comes when they are at school out of the community. The consolidated High School is fifteen miles from Pigeon Falls. But Tommy can't say to the Principal I'm waiting for an alien invasion you'll have to excuse me until the big battle is over.
People are telling mrs Trumble they are hearing strange noises in Danelson's big barn. She has responded that the twon is thinking of buying it so it is being cleaned but how long can they keep the creatures in the barn hidden?
The man in black has not been see and the group is not at all sure he will show up for the battle but Tommy UK is sure. He says that you can rely on the Man in Black's showing up.
The tension is building and building and the group has reached a point where win or lose they would like to have the battle over with.
They have no idea of how many aliens or the extent of their firepower. There is no way to find that out.

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