Monday, August 24, 2009

The Big Race

Today's Saying

What is the difference between unethical and ethical advertising? Unethical advertising uses falsehoods to deceive the public; ethical advertising uses truth to deceive the public. ~Vilhjalmur Stefansson, 1964

Saturday was one of the most interesting race days since Pigeon Falls Days began. There were more participants than ever and there was the new wheelbarrow relay. That was a wild event. There was this out of town team. In the wheelbarrow was some guy named Doctor John clutching an oxygen tank and looking totally frightened. His daughter Pennie pushed the first round and she seemed to be limping so that round gave them horrible time. But then his wife Betty took the next round. Wow could that old lady run. She certainly made up a lot of the time Pennie lost. A lady named Quilly, odd name that, took over next. She ran like the wind and they might have been ahead at the end of that round but that's when it happened. On the passing some guy named Thom , who was taking pictures of the whole thing got to close. He tripped and fell into the two people making the pass. They pushed and the wheelbarrow suddenly shot loose and down an embankment. The poor old guy , oxygen tank and all , got dumped on a pile of rocks. Now he can't walk. Thom kept apologizing and taking pictures.
The judges offered to let them run the last round again with the time starting from when the accident happened. But Dr. John refused to get back in the wheelbarrow. He kept saying " a guy could get killed."
The winners of the event were the Bergall Family. Jon's father rode in the wheelbarrow.
The Maki's won the three legged race as they have for the last three years.
Buddy East almost won the sack race but tripped just before the finish line. He was beaten by a six year old kid.
In the big baseball game. The local Catholic Church defeated Last Lutheran. In fact of the three teams that played, Last Lutheran was last. They gave that their best players were all in the races and were just plain tired out.


  1. I am still mad at Thom! He runs around with that stupid Apple phone in front of his face never watching where he's going!

    Does anyone know how Dr. John is doing? It seems I have a sprained wrist and will be wearing a brace for a week. Next time I see Thom I just might sprain his nose!

  2. I'm still laughing over the whole incident! WELL! Nobody was seriously injured! It was just an accident! And it really WAS funnnnnnnnny! Ask Betty! She'll tell ya! We were both laughing TOO hard! Of course... I never had to run! LOL!

    Sounds like Last Lutheran's team is almost as bad as First Lutheran's team! That's just sad. Why didn't anybody teach the Lutheran's how to play ball???

  3. Yeah well if Quilly would have been taking the pictures for me I could have been paying attention and not sent poor Dr. John a flyin' And then to top that off I asked Melli to get in and she refused saying her hat would blow off in the wind. Go figure