Monday, August 3, 2009

Crooks & Cheats

Today's Saying
Don't let the alarm clock of life wake you from the dream of your ideals. ~Irisa Hail

On Saturday Constable Ican and his assistant went out to Antti Pentila’s place with a search warrant . Ican was surprised to find the birdhouse shaped like the White House on display in the living room. He was even more surprised when Antti proudly confessed to the robbery. According to Antti he made that birdhouse and a good number of things on sale at Wink’s Woods. Apparently they hadn’t gotten around to paying him so he went in and collected. Constable Ican felt sorry for him but arrested him and lodged him in the local jail
He got back just in time to catch the present owner of Wink’s ,Percy Perrwinkle, cheating in the pigeon calling contest. He saw that he was wearing a long sleeve shirt and the temperature was 85 degrees. That made no sense. In addition one arm seemed wet. So he asked for the shirt and put it out on the sidewalk. Soon it was covered with pigeons pecking away at it.
It seems that Percy had soaked it in peanut oil to attract pigeons.
Ican hauled him off to jail as well.
In the privacy of the new jail Ican explained that the attempt to defraud the town of more than a hundred dollars was a very serious thing and could mean three or four years in prison.
Percy demanded a lawyer or he wasn’t saying anything.
“Let’s keep the lawyers out of this “ Ican said an offered him a deal. If Wink’s didn’t press charges for the supposed robbery then the town would forget the attempt to fleece the city.
The town would be told the Robbery was just staged for the tourists.
Perry agreed and Ican after getting the agreement on the robbery in writing released both men.
Constable Ican was beginning to like small town police work. Sometimes it solved a number of problems and without that darned paper work.
Tommy UK is still trying to think of the best way to confront the woman who he thinks is his birth mother. Today he is going to get Mrs. Trumble’s advice on the matter.

Coming tomorrow - Tommy UK throws his arms around Mrs. trumble and says " Mommy mommy I’ve found you".


  1. Ah, so Tommy is going to use a bit of psychology to get his mommy to confess? Or, is it as I hoped all along, and Mrs. Trumble is Tommy's mommy?

  2. We shall seeeeee... we shall see!

    Chief Ican suuuuure is a creative thinker! I LIKE that in a constable!

  3. I was going to say a while ago if it was Mrs. Trumble being Tommy's mother. That should be interesting. I like how Chief Ican resolved this matter. No courts, not bruhaha just resolved it easily...and not very expensive. He's a great Chief :)

  4. Oh boy, tomorrow should be real interesting. I like Tommy's plan. It's very direct.

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  5. Goold for Ican. And good luck to Tommy.