Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rembering the Crane

Today's Saying
Political speeches are like steer horns. A point here, a point there, and a lot of bull in between. ~Alfred E. Neuman

Yesterday we had several people try the Liar’s club story contest all but one scored less than nine. They all claimed they got tough judges.
The one that may have made it to the finals is Preita Pelto who is from Detroit and is visiting her relatives in Pigeon Falls. She visits every summer during Pigeon Days but this is her first try at the contest. Here is her story:
“I remember when old Mrs. Olson , she’s passed on now, was attacked by the monstrous Sandcrane.
It was a day like today, warm with a nice breeze blowing. She decided not to put her laundry in the new fangled dryer her daughter gave her but to hang it out on the line , like the Lord intended.
You all remember Mrs. Olson and how she hated both the electric stove and the dryer believing that the wood stove and the sun were better.. Remember how she felt the electric stove burned everything and the dryer made her clothes feel funny.

So she was out hanging her best sheets when the monstrous sandcrane appeared. It was at least ten feet tall and made the most horrible womping sound you ever heard. I suppose the poor thing got lost and flew in from Wisconsin though they are supposed to have their own internal GPS. In any case , this one was there in Mrs. Olson’s back yard and it attacked her sheets.

It was a sight to see . The big sandcrane with those huge wings flapping pecking away at the newly washed sheets. But those were Mrs. Olson’s best sheets and though I told her to leave it alone and call the DNR she too her broom and went out after it.

Well that crane knocked the broom out of her hand and proceeded to turn the handle into wood chips. That bird had one powerful beak. Then it turned on Mrs. Olson.

That’s when Equo , Mrs. Olson’s dog came to her rescue. It got that old crane by the leg and wouldn’t let go until Mrs. Olson was safely in the house. You should have seen that sight. The crane tried everything it could to dislodge the dog including giving it some nasty pecks. At one point it even lifted into the air carrying the dog up with it but it came right back down. I guess it’s hard to fly with a dog on your leg.

It was just after they landed that Equo let go and took off for the house. That bird was so angry it pecked holes in Mrs. Olson’s screen door but her inner door held. Finally the bird flew off.

It wasn’t seen again in these parts. But I was there and I remember.
I have some pictures here in case you don’t believe me. By the time I found Mrs. Olson’s camera the crane was departing but you can see the damage it did to the sheets, Equo, and the screen door. Mrs. Olson, thinking nobody would believe her, told people a bear did it and made me promise not to tell the truth. But now that she is dead I guess it’s okay. There is one picture there of the underside of that monstrous crane as it was flying off. Even now I shudder when I look at it.

But I remember when.

She received a 9.125 .


  1. I would have scored her a perfect 10 That was the funniest thing I've ever heard LOL. Excellent :)

  2. Wow! That's a good one! But... I wonder why people keep wanting to bring PICTURES to prove their LIE? If it were TRUE wouldn't it be disqualified??? LOL!

  3. We're talking Pigeon Falls here. It might be true.