Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday in Pigeon falls

Today's Saying
Having two ears and one tongue, we should listen twice as much as we speak. Old Turkish Saying

Today is one of those really active days in Pigeon Falls. There is the Yellow Brick road 4K run. It has over 200 entrants. That’s odd because it is hard to run on those old bricks. Last year two runners ended up with sprained ankles and never finished the race. They got their sweatshirts anyway. Along with that is the Spouse carrying contest. That takes place on main street and one has to carry one’s spouse over various obstacles. This year fifty three pairs are entered. If we are lucky nobody will drop their wife in the mud like they did last year. As far as we know that couple is still together although she swears he did it on purpose.
There is also a rumor that on this the next to the last day of Old Timer’s week that the Bull Moose campaign train is going to make a quick stop in Pigeon Falls and Teddy will address the crowd himself. In any case there is a brass band waiting at the station and great big signs have been put up saying vote Teddy for President.
The variety show which has been sold out every night has gotten better and better .Mrs. Trumble’s little comedy ski brought down the house
it was so funny. People cried when Last Lutheran’s Senior Choir sang a medley of old time romance songs. And Calab added another one of those heads to his act last night so he was juggling three of them .At the end they stuck out their tongues and spit in unison. How often do you see that?
The only problem was Vicki East still didn’t have the revision ready but she says she wants every word to be perfect.


  1. What a good day in Pigeon Falls.

    I came hoping to see what happened with Tommy UK. But - I'm patient.

  2. Poor Vicky East...LOL. Try harder my friend...try harder LOL. I love the spouse carrying contest. I bet there are some that purposely drop the old hag LOL. Watch out for that spit...especially now that another head's been added :)

  3. WOOT No password to have to it :)

  4. There is never a dull moment in Pigeon Falls.

    Hey, is there any truth to the rumor that the spit from those bouncing heads has curative properties and mends open wounds almost instantly?

  5. Ah, Vicki, don't you know revisions never end when you shoot for perfection.

  6. Oh I'm tellin' ya! Thursday night that variety show was SOMETHIN' ELSE! I thought I'd never breath again I was laughin' so hard! Almost as funny as sOMe people's roof! It was GREAT! They just get better every year!