Saturday, August 8, 2009

A week of Pigeon Days

Today's Saying

As long as we live, there is never enough singing.
~Martin Luther

The first week of Pigeon Falls Days went very well except for a little glitch in the pigeon calling contest which Constable Ican handled very well. All over Pigeon Falls people are practicing their acts for the coming Variety Show. Jarmo Maki who lives way out in the woods says he is preparing a juggling routine that will knock their socks off.
Art on the yellow brick road has been going very well with more artists than last year. Despite the bad economy they seem to be selling a lot of their works. Even that guy that makes things out of tin cans, old mufflers, and stuff like that is doing well and his stuff is horribly expensive. Of course, the rumor that some of the art work is haunted brought the ghost groupies out to the yellow brick road and they bought anything that even looked scary. The only sad note was the absence of the lady that sold prints and cups. The cups had fish with another picture inside the fish. She seems to have given up on Pigeon Falls and that’s sad.
This is the last year of a real yellow brick road. Next year it will be covered with blacktop and painted yellow. They may paint a brick design on top of that. But that hasn’t been decided yet. Old Bull Frog Jupola would be really surprised to see what they are doing to his road.
Wink’s is now paying Antti Pentila to put on a mask and rob the store every day. At a different time each day he rides in on his four wheeler wearing a mask and rushes into Wink’s . There he grabs the white house and has them put the cash in it. Only now the cash is stage money. Then runs out and rides off on his four wheeler. It is quite a show and the tourists love it.
The “ Almost a Theater Group” is planning something special for old timer’s week. But they aren’t telling anybody what it is.
Tommy UK still hasn’t confronted the lady he thinks is his birth mother. But he is thinking Monday or Tuesday would be a good time to do it.


  1. hmmm sorry that the lady selling print cups is gone and even worse the yellow brick road's last year. Let's hope the Wizard doesn't get wind of that. :)

  2. No more yellow brick road? Oh say it isn't so!

  3. The yellow brick road sounds interesting.

  4. WHY in the world are they paving over the yellow brick road? That is nuts! And then PAINT it??? Another one of those thing that just make you shake your head in wonder... ya know?

    That Wink! He is a real character when it comes to thinking up schemes to pull in business! LOL!

  5. Just wanted to let you know that I'm "borrowing" your Martin Luther quote. I love it! :)