Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tommy Gets Brave

Today's Saying
Christmas is the time when kids tell Santa what they want and adults pay for it. Deficits are when adults tell government what they want and their kids pay for it.
Richard Lamm

The variety show got off to a less than spectacular start last night. A lot of the acts didn’t go as they were supposed to. Wednesday turned out more like a dress rehearsal for the rest of the week. Even Vicki East wasn’t ready woith Pigeon Falls Song revision. There was , however, one highlight that will never be forgotten . Calab Hendrickson who lives near the end of road did a juggling act that was literally out of this world. He juggled two of the bouncing heads that had come through the dimensional door but couldn’t get back when Tommy TW and the man in black sealed the doorway. As he juggled the heads went higher and higher crossing over from one side to the other over and over. But when they came down they always ended up in Calab’s hands. When he ended the act and bowed he held his hands out from his side and they seem to bow as well. The audience clapped and clapped. The heads had great big smiles and then both spit. That seems to be their expression of gratitude. People wanted to talk with him afterwards but he and the heads had vanished.
Tommu Uk was visiting Mrs. Trumble in her office, the one with the big window. After a lot of small talk about the Pigeon Fall Days program she asked if he had gotten brave enough to confront his supposed mother.
Tommy replied “ You know I haven’t”.
Mrs. Trumble responded “ What do you mean I know?”
Tommy stood up straight , looked her in the eye, and said “ Because you are my birth mother”.
Mrs. Trumble looked at him like he was nuts.


  1. Really? Mrs. Trumble? Wow! And spitting heads! How rude their world must be...

  2. Ahhh! Finally! Courage in a cup helped then did it?

  3. Well... let's see how this plays out! Will she admit it? Or will Tommy be wrong?

  4. HOORAY Tommy UK. Finally! You go boy! Juggling heads that spit...what an act. Love it

  5. OH! I so want Mrs. Trumble to be Tommy's mom. That's why I fear she isn't! Still, I hope Tommy remembers what a good actor she is and calls her bluff!

  6. I had a feeling he thought it was her.