Saturday, August 22, 2009


Today's Saying

Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. ~Harold Whitman

Today is going to be a fun day in Pigeon Falls.
In the afternoon all the crazy races are being held. All week Father’s and sons have been working at getting ready for the three legged race. Other’s have been practicing pushing somebody in a wheelbarrow. New this year is the wheelbarrow relay race. The race is four miles long and each of four people push a lap. The fifth person sits in the barrow. There will be laughing and screaming. For the most part just plain fun.
In the morning the Liar’s Club stories continue. Rumor has it that some non local named Thom is in the lead at this point. But The Big Liar Buddy East is not saying anything.
A lot of time was spent in the week gone by getting ready for the big parade next Saturday. Anybody that belonged to any kind of group got called to come work on that group’s float. Eino has dusted off and fired up his Stanley Steamer and says it is ready.
They still don’t know who will lead the parade.
The Tommy Club is working on a float but they , so far, have worked without Tommy UK. He spent last week working through his own problems.
The Parade theme , like the Liar’s Club story theme is Remembering When.


  1. I hope there are going to be plenty of First Aid stations for the wheelbarrow race. That sounds exhausting!

    I am not at all surprised that Thom person is in the lead for the liars contest. He is absolutely full of sh...ockingly unbelievable tales. Did you hear the one about him being a picture taking bus driver in Hawaii!? As if anyone would believe that.

  2. Oh! Oh OH!!! I got MY team for the Wheelbarrow Relay! Yep! We got this fella, Dr. John, who's gonna sit in the barrow - and me, Pennie, Betty & Quilly are gonna be the pushers! It's gonna be a WILD RIDE!!!

  3. Hold on to your hat Dr. John with those women pushing...I remember when Thom never took pictures. But he will take plenty of the Parade...that's for sure

  4. Well, he's got a lot to think about.