Thursday, August 6, 2009

Trumble-The Actress

Today's Saying
A mom forgives us all our faults, not to mention one or two we don't even have. ~Robert Brault

The Pigeon Falls Lion's Club wishes to announce a story writing contest for anybody interested in writing short stories. The Story can be anywhere between one hundred and six hundred words. 'The title must be " I remember when ........"
The story should be obviously false but with a ring of possible truth. ( Figure that out)
There are no real prizes but your story will become part of the ongoing Pigeon Falls story.
More information is available HERE

Several more people tried telling “ I remember when” stories for the Liars Club but so far only those two have hit 9 or above. In fact this year , for the first time, somebody ended up in the sixes. Some are saying the judges, who are just people picked at random off the street, are scoring low. It is, as the theory goes, because of the poor economy. People are feeling depressed and thus give depressing scores. But the big scorers from previous years like the Bergalls haven’t told their stories yet. They could turn it around. There is even a rumor that Buddy East, President of the Liar’s Club is going to try his hand. He is certainly old enough to remember when.
Constable Assistant Fred McManis won the pasty eating contest. He ate thirty one pasties. That is not a record but it is a lot of meat and potatoes.
Tommy UK is thinking over what he learned at Mrs. Trumble’s . When he threw his arms around her she started to cry and said “ Tommy, Tommy you don’t know how long I’ve waited to hear you say that” . Then she hugged him tight.
Poor Tommy had not expected that but suddenly Mrs. Trumble broke into laughter. “Is that what you expect your birth mother to do Tommy” she said. “I used to be an actress and I’m still not bad am I. Now let me give you some advice . If you think you know who your birth mother is then stop playing games. Go to her and tell her you think she is your birth mother. If she is and she is worth finding she will admit it. It will be that simple. All across the country it happens every day.”
Tommy thanked her and left and is now thinking through what she told him. What he needs is a good shot of courage.


  1. I bet Buddy East just modifies one of his old war stories! Oh... no... he couldn't do that! The modification would be TOO recognizable! We've all heard those stories toooooo many times! LOL!

    What Tommy NEEDS is a kick in the pants! Perhaps he'll scare up his courage by the time I get back from the beach this weekend! (we can only hope...)

  2. Oooo a challenge. I like challenges. Just let me get this current manuscript in the mail first.

    Nice twist on the Tommy UK story.

  3. A Writing Challenge for Pigeon Falls! WOOT Love it. I'm so glad Mrs. Trumble told Tommy UK what she did. A good actress indeed. Now he needs to get off his duff and do what she says.Game playing is no good for anyone, in this sense. Now if it was hide and seek or kick the can..that would be fun

  4. Oh, boy, that poor Tommy. Whatever will he do? Will we ever discover the truth?

    I will check out your contest.
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  5. At one time or another in our lives we all have needed a good shot of courage. Sometimes it has helped us - sometimes it has been disastrous.

    What will happen to our Tommy I wonder.

  6. Corn on the cob and alpacas! Whewn you commented that you would never get to Friday Harbor to see the Krystal Farm alpacas,I TOLD you there were bound to be some in your part of the world!

    I wish I could have joined you for a day at the fiar. It would have been fun!

  7. Oh dear! I am so confused! I left the above comment on the wrong post! You're making me crazy!