Thursday, August 27, 2009

Saving Calab

Today's Saying
Money buys everything but good sense.- Old Yiddish Saying

Constable Ican , still not sure why he was doing it, rushed into Calab’s house. Everything looked fine. There was no sign of a struggle. No indication of any kind that foul play had taken place. It looked like he kicked in the door for nothing. “ Well”, he thought” This was a good job while it lasted. Door smashing just wasn’t in the job description.”
After he had looked through all the rooms and even the upstairs closets he started for the door.
Then he though “ Look in the basement you idiot. Are you all this dumb.”
Well he had broken in and it wouldn’t hurt any worse to look in the basement so he turned back and headed for the basement door.
There at the bottom of the steps was an unconscious Calab. He had , apparently, fallen down the stairs.
Constable Ican called for what passed in Pigeon Falls as a crack emergency response team, consisting of Herman, a nurse, and a Doctor’s assistant. He carried Calab upstairs and laid him on the couch. He was barely breathing. It would take the team a half hour to get there and he wasn’t sure Calab would last that long.
That’s when he thought “ Hold the front door open”.
That made as little sense as anything else did. So he opened the front door and held it open.
Suddenly two bouncing heads appeared and bounced by him to Calab. They spat on Calab’s head. Constable Ican swears he saw puffs of smoke as the spit landed.
Suddenly Calab sat up. His color was returning.
Constable Ican thought “ Now he needs oxygen and a rest”. The heads bounced out the front door and into the woods.


  1. Oh great! Now the Constable just needs to explain why he called for an emergency rescue team when everyone was just ducky! I sure am glad that Calab is going to be okay though... I'm starting to think every town needs bouncing heads.

  2. Those bouncing heads do more for a town than not if you ask me.

  3. So the bouncing heads really ear buddies. I wasn't entirely sure for a bit.