Monday, August 10, 2009

The Queen

Today's Saying
Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine. ~Anthony J. D'Angelo,."

The Pigeon Queen contest on Saturday was won by Amand East, Buddy East’s grand daughter. This was not much of a surprise because Amanda is very popular. She is a leader in Girl’s basketball, President of her class, and head of the Youth Group at Last Lutheran. She was introduced in Church yesterday as Queen Amanda . There were eight girls in the contest. Runner up Janel James had purchased a fancy dress just for the judging and was very disappointed not to be chosen. She was grumbling about always coming in second to “ goody two shoes”.
Poor Tommy UK is almost certain he knows who his birth mother is. He is almost certain he knows how she will react when he confronts her but he still hasn’t gotten up the courage to confront her. Tammy told him that he had fought demons and things from other dimensions so this shouldn’t scare him. But he told her this was different because if he was wrong he just wouldn’t know what to do next. It was the almost that scared him. But he promised Tammy he would do it this week , perhaps tomorrow or then again maybe Thursday.
Mrs. Trumble is working on a little comedy skit for the Variety Show, She says that as Mayor she needs to make a significant contribution . Not that the town needs much encouragement . Almost everybody seems to be working on something. This will be the biggest if not the best variety show ever. There are three choirs and the show manager is thinking of restricting them to no more that two numbers each. The tickets for the Wednesday night performance are already sold out, if you can believe that.


  1. Yeah -- I can believe that. I stood in line for hours for our tickets and was very much worried we wouldn't get any!

  2. We're going Thursday night - I have my tickets in hand! I heard Paul McRory and a few of his friends are doing an imitation of The Blue Man Group - and THEY are playing Thursday night! I want to SEE that!

    Congrats to Amanda East! Janel is just going to have to get over herself!

  3. WOOT!!! Congratulations to Queen Amanda even if she is a goody two shoes. I was in line with Quilly..thank goodness I got mine as well. :)

  4. I understand Tommy's fears completely. What if he is wrong - then what? Ya.

  5. Come on, Tommy. Don't wimp out on us.