Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ninth Sunday After Pentecost

Today's Saying
You've gotta have hope. Without hope life is meaningless. Without hope life is meaning less and less. ~Author Unknown

It is Sunday and Pastor Joan is looking over her sermon for the day. Here is part of that sermon:
Have you ever been hungry.
I mean really hungry,
Not the kind of hunger some of you have while you suffer through the sermon so you can get home to those steaks or roast or whatever your having for lunch.
I mean real hunger.
The kind that puts food at the center of everything.
Or have you ever been thirsty?
I don’t mean you feel like you could use a cup of coffee kind of thirst. I mean the kind of thirst that has you afraid you’ll die if you don’t get water.
Real hunger and real thirst were common in Jesus’ Day. So we can understand why people who see Jesus as the great bread maker chase after Him. They just don’t want to be hungry any more.
But Jesus sees a different kind of hunger and thirst . A hunger and thirst that every person has.
So he offers them food and drink for that hunger and thirst.
But their mind is set and they can’t understand him.
Times have changed but people haven’t.
The same deep spiritual hunger and thirst is still there.
People try to ignore it.
They try to fill it with other things.
But the hunger and thirst remain.
Only when they accept what Jesus offers which is nothing less than Himself does the hunger and thirst cease.
To you this morning Jesus says “ I am the bread of life”
He is the Bread we all need.


  1. The most amazing thing happened when I accepted the love of Jesus. My chronic shopping habit dried up and blew away. I learned to like quiet and solitude and being alone and didn't need the TV, the radio or a friend to fill every minute of every day. Church services seemed to suddenly be far too short.

  2. As full as I am, I can't WAIT to get to church and feast at the Lord's table! He IS my all in all!

  3. I really like your saying today.

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  4. Well this makes more sense to me now after I have read both sermons. It's hard for me to totally understand but I'm trying to :)